They Talk Real Good

In an effort to come up with a creative topic to write about, I realized that the general public can sometimes be your best source of posts. Observe...

From the news:

Female Newscaster: "Hopefully female video gamers will see more opportunities in the future."
Male Newscaster: "And hopefully not a lot of Carpel's Tunnel."

From the workplace:

Employee: "How was your car-buying experience?"
Employer: "I think they tried to pull a switch and bait on me."

Pok Pok

Yes, I am late to get on the Pok Pok bandwagon. But, in my defense, I was waiting for the perfect night to go, and last night was perfect. It was a pretty spontaneous decision, which made it an even better evening. Four of us waited to be seated for about 45 minutes outside under a canopy. That's ok, the conversation was good and we were excited to finally experience this place.

The inside is fairly small. They have cool metal cups and wood paneled walls. We ordered several dishes, as our friendly waiter informed us that the plates were small-ish and definitely meant for sharing. The special was a whole fried tilapia. It was magnificent. Then the remainder of the food started to arrive. A noodle dish here, some ribs, chicken, a salad and lots of sticky rice. I'm sure I'm forgetting something. This is when the night became a blur. There were laughs and lots of, "Holy crap this is awesome food" comments. Eventually there was nothing left but empty plates and sticky fingers. Yet that didn't last long, as soon as our plates were cleared, we were given wet naps. I was sort of hoping for a massage, but that didn't happen. At the end of the night, our bill came to just a tad over $80 for four people...with drinks. Such a great deal.

Pok Pok is so worth a visit, or two or five. And if you don't have time to wait for a table, there's the shack for to-go orders. I will definitely be back.