They Talk Real Good

In an effort to come up with a creative topic to write about, I realized that the general public can sometimes be your best source of posts. Observe...

From the news:

Female Newscaster: "Hopefully female video gamers will see more opportunities in the future."
Male Newscaster: "And hopefully not a lot of Carpel's Tunnel."

From the workplace:

Employee: "How was your car-buying experience?"
Employer: "I think they tried to pull a switch and bait on me."

Pok Pok

Yes, I am late to get on the Pok Pok bandwagon. But, in my defense, I was waiting for the perfect night to go, and last night was perfect. It was a pretty spontaneous decision, which made it an even better evening. Four of us waited to be seated for about 45 minutes outside under a canopy. That's ok, the conversation was good and we were excited to finally experience this place.

The inside is fairly small. They have cool metal cups and wood paneled walls. We ordered several dishes, as our friendly waiter informed us that the plates were small-ish and definitely meant for sharing. The special was a whole fried tilapia. It was magnificent. Then the remainder of the food started to arrive. A noodle dish here, some ribs, chicken, a salad and lots of sticky rice. I'm sure I'm forgetting something. This is when the night became a blur. There were laughs and lots of, "Holy crap this is awesome food" comments. Eventually there was nothing left but empty plates and sticky fingers. Yet that didn't last long, as soon as our plates were cleared, we were given wet naps. I was sort of hoping for a massage, but that didn't happen. At the end of the night, our bill came to just a tad over $80 for four people...with drinks. Such a great deal.

Pok Pok is so worth a visit, or two or five. And if you don't have time to wait for a table, there's the shack for to-go orders. I will definitely be back.

Petrified Wood

I don't claim to know stuff, in fact I will be the first to admit that I don't understand things that come up in conversation. So it hurts my brain when I overhear parents telling their kids things that could come nowhere but straight out of their asses. Take the lady at the beach whose son pointed to a rock and said, "Mommy, pretty rock." It was, in fact, kind of a cool looking rock. The mother then proceeds to spew the following horse shit:

"Honey, that's petrified wood."
"What's petrified wood?"
"It's really old wood that was here even when the dinosaurs were around. The dinosaurs were really large and heavy, so when they stepped on the wood it got buried deeper and deeper into the ground. The more dinosaurs that stepped on it, the deeper in the earth it went. After thousands of years, the wind blew sand on the wood and made it smooth and shiny, which is what you see now."

Thank god the kid lost interest because I would hate to hear her explain where babies come from.


Back from Hawaii, it was one of the best vacations ever. Here are a couple of pics of our adventures.

Back to the 70s

My Dad recently got a scanner and went crazy with the baby pics.

Great Weekend

I love me a 3 day weekend.

Friday: a quick jog and a home-cooked meal while our friend drove up from Eugene.

Saturday: Wine tasting at Patricia Green Cellars. Ordered a case of Balcomb (only 120 cases bottled per year!), which will be ready just before Thanksgiving.

Sunday: Disk golf at Dabney state park in Troutdale.

Monday: cleaned out the shed in the yard and the overstuffed area under the deck, then took it all to the dump. The purging of excessive crap is a good thing.

The Starbucks People Won’t Like This

Hi, my name is Agnes and I am a coffee drinker. I have been a coffee drinker since 1998. My relationship with the coffee was the typical right of passage, really. I graduated college and went straight into the corporate world, which included a long commute. I became a coffee drinker on day 2 of my first full-time job in June of 1998. It helped wake me up and adjust to a schedule that my body had never before experienced. A college student schedule is far different from that of an over-worked rookie in the advertising business in San Francisco. I had my stainless steel travel mug that held 16 oz. of the good stuff. The amount never really increased, with the occasional trip to Starbucks for my favorite white chocolate mocha fix. This was the norm for many years. That is until last December.

I was visiting my parents over Christmas. I had my usual cup of coffee in the morning, a little bit of breakfast, and headed out to the grocery store with my mom. Suddenly, I got all jittery and my heart started to race. I tend to have a little bit of anxiety whenever my body does something unpredictable, and the combination of caffeine-induced jitters and anxiety resulted in me wanting to crawl in a corner and rock back & forth until it went away. This happened every morning for 2 days until my mom suggested that maybe I cut down to ½ a cup of coffee in the morning.

This seemed to help. At first. But after a couple of weeks it started up again. WTF! I was already cutting down! I attempted to stop cold turkey. Unfortunately, that’s when the coffee withdrawals started, especially the life-stopping headache that no amount of Advil could tame.

So now I’m down to ¼ cup of coffee in the morning. But guess what? The jitters are back. I can’t win. Do I face the jitters and drink less and less until I’m down to a teaspoon a day? Or do I go cold turkey and face the hammers in my head? Why is this stuff legal?